AB 1133: Big Beer Marketing – Do We Really Need More?

Colin Nystrom talks about AB 1133 a new law that allows beer distributors to give free glassware to retailers who sell their beer and how the bill massively favors “Big Beer” brands like AB InBev and MillerCoors over local, independent, craft breweries.

Season 3, Episode 6: Cracking Down on Phony Vaccine Exemptions

On this episode, Emma Woidtke talks about SB 276 by Sen. Richard Pan. The bill was a piece of follow-up legislation to close a loophole in a law he previously authored that banned personal belief exemptions from vaccinations.

AB 538 – Increasing Survivor Access to Rape Kits

This week, Brittany Gamlen talks about AB 538, a bill that increases access to medical evidentiary exams – a.k.a. rape kits – by expanding the types of professionals and locations that are able to administer them. But the bill is not without its drawbacks.

AB 594 – AI Isn’t Coming For Your State Government Job

Blade Runner promised a very different November 2019 than what we are currently living. On this week’s podcast Josh La Bella talks about a bill that failed to implement some new protections for state employees should their job be “retired” by AI.

AB 1 – Can California Regulate Away Concussions in Youth Football?

Lauren Hirota talks about AB 1 – a piece of California legislation that aims to reduce or prevent concussions by regulating how much contact is allowed in practice for youth football. The biggest question around the bill, which mandates best practices already being used by many youth football leagues, including Pop Warner, is actually necessary.

AB 1312 – Trying to Close Rick Singer’s College Admissions “Side Door”

On this week’s podcast, Greensheets staff writer Christy Grellas talks about the bill she analyzed – AB 1312. The bill, in response to the college admissions scandal that so many celebrities and elite universities were at the center of, is an attempt by the California Legislature to close the “side door” the independent college consultant Rick Springer advertised to his clients as a way to get their children into top tier universities.

AB 272 – They’re Coming to Take Your Smartphones

Thomas Gerhart takes over the hosting duties from last season’s host, Kim Barnes, for Season 3 of In Session. To kick off Season 3, Thomas talks with Mike Adams about the bill he analyzed, AB 272, which allows schools to take smartphones away from students.

Season 2 Wrap Up with Jon Wainwright

Kim and Jon Wainwright from the Capital Center for Law & Policy wrap up the second season of In Session by discussing the high points!