UPLR: In Session 006 – AB 391 (NV) Bestiality

Before 2017, Nevada was a member of a minority of states that lacked an anti-bestiality law. Generally, the rationale behind anti-bestiality laws is two-pronged: (1) protect animals and (2) prevent future violence to humans. In order to achieve both these ends, Nevada Assembly Member Richard Carrillo (D-Las Vegas) introduced AB 391, which creates the crime of bestiality. Today on the podcast, Emily Malhiot joins Tyler to discuss AB 391. 

4 thoughts on “UPLR: In Session 006 – AB 391 (NV) Bestiality

  1. Great podcast. I am a criminalist and field expert on bestiality, and was involved in getting laws passed on TX, TN, NH, OH, WA, and worked on the NV and WV bills. To expand on Emily’s terrific presentation:
    – Re limited research: I will be submitting a paper for publication in about two weeks that analyzes nearly bestiality-related arrests in the US 1953-2015. The first paper focuses on offender, offense, and victim characteristics, as well as the wide variability of terminology, sentencing, definition, and placement of laws across the US. A second paper will analyze the adjudication of US cases from charging, through sentencing, and appeal.

    – In addition to interpersonal violence, bestiality has also been linked to human sexual abuse, child pornography, an increased risk of child sexual abuse, and certain property crimes like trespass or B&E.

    Thanks very much for tackling this topic on your podcast. If I may be of help at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. Hi, my name is Gina Greisen with Nevada Voters For Animals. I authored AB391 and my wonderful Assemblyman, Richard Carrillo, agreed to sponsor the bill, and the rest is history. I enjoyed your podcast. Thank you for discussing the bill, now law as of Oct 1st. I couldn’t help but chuckle as you asked questions re the bill because there was a method to the madness for much of what went into the language for the bill.

    This session, we also fought to get SB177 passed to address animal hoarding.

    In 2011, I authored Cooney’s Law which makes animal cruelty a first time felony in NV.

    In 2015, i authored the canine encounter training bill which mandates training for peace officers to reduce deadly incidents between police and pets which the DOJ has called an epidemic.

    We fight very hard for animals. You can find us on FB and Twitter 😊 We are a 501 c4 Social Welfare Org.


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