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UPLR: In Session 005 – AB 1008 Employment Discrimination

If you’ve applied for a job, you’ve likely seen the box: Have you ever been convicted of a felony? For many people, this box is no big deal, you check no and you move on with the rest of the application. For those with a conviction, however, this box is a massive barrier to employment. Indeed, studies show that employers would hire any other stigmatized group of people before formerly convicted people. In addition, AB 1008 supporters contend the felony conviction box on job applications allows employers to summarily deny jobs to a whole class of people without meeting them, without interviews, and without giving them a chance. AB 1008 hopes to give convicts a chance at obtaining employment by prohibiting employers with five or more employees from asking about prior felony convictions on job applications and delaying the background check until the employer has made a conditional offer to the applicant. Today on the podcast, Michael Hopkins joins Tyler to talk about AB 1008.