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UPLR: In Session 002 – AB 954 Food Labeling

The amount of energy, land, water, and money spent on wasted food in the United States is staggering. Specifically, Americans waste “four percent of the [national] energy budget, about 12 percent of the land . . . 23 percent of all freshwater,” and $162 billion each year on uneaten food. Confusing food date labeling is partly to blame for some of this food waste. AB 954 aims to reduce consumer confusion around food date labels and cut down on food waste by creating a uniform food date labeling system in California. Today on the podcast, Nolan Kessler joins Tyler to talk about AB 954.

UPLR: In Session 001 – SB 258 Cleaning Products Labeling

Under existing law at both the federal and state levels, cleaning product manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients included in their cleaning products. Responding to evidence that the chemicals used in many cleaning products are potentially harmful to humans Senator Ricardo Lara introduced the SB 258, the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017, which aims to place more stringent disclosure requirements on manufacturers of cleaning products. Today on the podcast, Libby Grotewohl joins Tyler to talk about SB 258.